Premier Partners

OnlyYacht (

As the leading insurance broker on the French Riviera, Suisscourtage launched OnlyYacht in direct response to the demands of our VIP clientele. Devoted exclusively to the insurance of luxury yachts, OnlyYacht is able to source the most attractive products in this highly competitive market and, as an independent broker, to tailor them to your specific needs, delivering the perfect insurance solution for you. With an international team of marine specialists we have a clear understanding of all your insurance requirements, giving you the assurance that they will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

OnlyJet (

Founded in 1988, Suisscourtage, based in Monaco, continues its pointed growth strategy with a new division named ONLYJET – Aviation Insurance.
Using only professionals of the aeronautics, carefully chosen for their experience and reputation, this innovative structure exclusively dedicated to the insurance of Jets and Helicopters offers a bespoke service by selecting attractive products from the most competitive markets.
Only Jet is your new partner in the skies.

Rodriguez Group (

Since 1972, when it was founded, the Rodriguez Group has been a leader in building yachts. It was an innovator in the field and remains, still today, a global leader. The Group designs yachts, oversees project management, and markets exceptional craft ranging from large Open vessels to displacement and semi-displacement yachts from 27 to more than 50 metres, for great pleasure of yacht lovers.
This expertise has been increased through the signing of commercial partnerships with the Italyachts and Sanlorenzo shipyards. Exclusive distributing of renowned yachts enables the Group to affirm its commitment to expanding its range, so as to serve its customers and offer them the best, whatever mode of navigation they prefer.
Thus, around the Rodriguez Group’s traditional business, SNP Boat Service offers its services to a selective and demanding clientele for whom the yacht and sailing are a source of pleasure and must always remain so.
For this reason, SNP Boat Service fully takes charge of your yacht: from the design stage to building it, to its decoration and launch, to its maintenance and crew, as well as to reselling it. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy making your plans and watching them come true.

Jet Advisors (

Jet Advisors is an independent company with years of experience in the private jet industry, developed to assist clients with their private jet needs. We combine our experience of the industry with up-to-date information from our industry experts to provide you with the insightful, detailed information you need to make the right decision.

ECOSSE Moto Works (

ECOSSE Moto Works, Inc. is the premier luxury marque of distinctive, limited-production motorcycles created for discerning enthusiasts. Founded in 2001, the company spent three years perfecting The Heretic through three complete prototype iterations. The final prototype, X-3, remains at the company’s headquarters and is reserved for a collector or museum.
While forming a cherished brand, ECOSSE intends to build several different models with the same underlying theme: a synergistic combination of innovation, craftsmanship and technology with a nod to the company’s racing influence. The models share chassis styling, materials and certain elements to instantly alert consumers of the ECOSSE pedigree. Yet each serves a distinctly different purpose and is handcrafted in limited quantities to motivate innovators, collectors and aficionados to place their names on the waiting list for each new model.

The Real Estate Boutique (

The Real Estate Boutique provides its clients with exceptional, personalized service. Our in-house real estate marketing department develops and deploys customized advertising strategies that give your property maximum exposure in the marketplace. We bring the boutique concept to real estate, creating a unique experience for home buyers and delivering unparalleled value to sellers.

Air Photo Max (

When it comes to aerial photography one name comes on top of the list : “Air Photo Max”. Based out of Montréal, Québec (its main territory), Mario Faubert has been shooting aerial photos around the world since 15 years.